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Extend your knowledge and perfect your craft with our various online digital courses.  Ideal for Permanent Makeup Artist that took a live course and feel like the received poor training or is need of a refresher course.  Perfect if your a Permanent Makeup Artist and you are already in the field, working on clients/ had live training in microblading/shading or machine method/ombre to extend your knowledge but find yourself needing more practice on various subjects.

Although you have the freedom to work at your own pace, all the videos are accompanied by PDF coursework documents and exercises that you will need to successfully complete each the segment and gain certification.   Your Trainer will be looking forward to viewing and critiquing your work following each exercise. 

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Brow Mapping 101

Our YouTube Subscribers have spoken!

Brought to you by popular demand, the suggested extension of our 3 minute video on YouTube with over 30K views!!!


Stroke Formation, Patterns & Technique 

We believe it’s best to follow your client’s natural growth pattern when attempting to achieve a natural result.  We teach 4 basic stroke patterns and provide you with plenty of exercises to and instructor critique and correspondence.   Upon completion you will effectively be able to evaluate and execute what is best for your client’s natural brow as well as produce a series of basic patterns and pinpoint exactly how you current technique can be elevated to achieve better work.


Color Theory 101

Gain an accurate understanding of color theory


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